The best tip I (Ian Fernando) can say in any industry is to fail when you are against the wall.

Everyone says this all the time but this is how I learned to be an online marketer. I was stuck and didn’t know how to make more money when I first started. I was held to the wall with no options. I learned that I need to go ahead and just do it. There is a lot of people that read and consume information for a year to try to avoid pitfalls. Pitfalls are necessary to learn a way to climb out. This helps with the creative process and thought process. Learning to be broke with no help puts you in a state of survival and it helps you grow as a person and helps your business grow.

There are nights where I can’t sleep because I needed a solution and those are when the best ideas come alive. You want to try and do but then you think it will fail but that is fine. You have to understand why you failed because a mentor’s experience does not necessarily mean it will be yours. You can take their lessons but you actually doing them might bring up a new solution to your problem. This is why failure is so important in your ongoing journey of being not just a business person but a person in general. We learn by doing not being cautious.

Remember Thomas Edison found 999 ways on how not to create a light bulb.